Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Exploring Exploratree

Earlier I had posted about my new account to the online graphic organizer tool Exploratree.  Several people posted about how this tool is similar to Kidspiration and Inspiration which are both software packages that our school system has installed on our computers for elementary grades.  Since I teach a primary grade my students often use Kidspiration which is geared towards younger students.  This software is easy to use and the students are familiar with it since they have used it in many of their classes.

Some of the benefits of using Exploratree are that students could begin an assignment in class and then finish it at home if they prefer since this program is online.  Another feature I like is that I can send links of my organizers to my blog or wiki and students can access the link from there.  I decided to do this on my wiki to give students the option of having an organizer to gather their ideas for their first report.  I added the link and a screenshot of the of organizer so students and parents could print it at home if they felt needed that extra first step for their research.

Exploratree also is a easy tool to use for collaboration.  Once you have started a project you can send it to others (co-teachers, team members) to review and comments.  They can make changes to your project and send it back.  If you are interested in learning more about Exploratree you can watch the introductory video which walks you through the steps of creating, sharing, and printing your organizers.

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