Sunday, January 9, 2011

Learning More About Prezi

While exploring Prezi I have found some interesting features that I find helpful.  The manual page offers links to help with various problems you might encounter when creating a Prezi.  The most helpful information that I found is the shortcuts page. Here you can learn all of the shortcuts that can help you quickly create a Prezi.  There they created a Prezi to model all of the shortcuts, yes a Prezi about Prezi.

There is also an offline Prezi application that you can download so you can work on a project in places that you will not have internet access.  This is convenient to have in case of internet failure, which seems to happen at my school once every other week.  If you are going to do a presentation or have your class present Prezis that they have created this would be a great back up to have.  You can also convert a Prezi that was made online to the desktop offline version. 

When I started to create my own Prezi I was having a little trouble working with my trackpad and the Prezi template and it took me a bit of time to get used to it.  I was zooming in and out all over the place!  I added some text and a few screenshots very easily by using the wheel in the corner of the screen to insert images, create the path I wanted to Prezi to follow and format the presentation.  There were a lot of great options for the format of the Prezi, they have templates like PowerPoint that you can use or you can customize your own.  I just stuck with one of the templates that I thought had a nice design.

The presentation automatically saved itself every few minutes which was nice in case Firefox decided to quit for some reason (thankfully it didn't). After a bit of time I put together a Prezi for a social studies lesson I teach on resources and production.  It is very basic but I got the hang of writing the text, adding images and creating a pathway for my presentation to follow.

Human, Natural and Capital Resources

After reading some of my classmates blogs they got me thinking even more about the many uses of Prezi.  I could post a Prezi on my wiki or webpage for students that are absent to watch and complete assignments.  I also have a group of students that go to a GT extension group a few days a week during content and this would be a great way for them to catch up on their own.  I am sure the ideas will just keep flowing!