Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Exploratree http://www.exploratree.org.uk/ is a website that offers many graphic organizers for teachers.  Registration is free and you can create your own organizers by using shapes and objects similar to those used in Word or you can upload your own pictures.  As you create you can leave hints for students, like complete this part first or write in complete sentences.  Once you have created your organizer you can share it with others by emailing or printing it so you can make copies for students.   Emailing works well for teachers that are working together on different projects, so that one teacher can create the material and share them with others.  Teachers they share with can also modify the organizers if necessary.

Another nice feature is that there are many organizers that have already been created and you can use and adapt them to fit your needs.  They are organized into sections like mapping, analysis, and exploring.  Below is a screenshot of some of the options they offer.
I think that this is great because many times I find an organizer that is similar to what I need but I usually need to change them fit the needs of my students. If you decide to create an organizer of your own rather than using a template the process is very easy.  You start with a blank template and use the tool bar to add shapes or images to your document.  You can easily resize objects move objects around on the template.

Once you begin you can choose from one of three modes to help with your creation of your document.    First you start in the create mode, you can put the made shapes in your organizer.  Then you can select the do it tab to fill in information in the different shapes or boxes in your organizer.  Finally you can look at the organizer in show it mode to see how others will view the document when it is completed. 

Then it is up to your to print, send or save your files for future use.  I will work on creating some organizers!


  1. This kinda reminds me of the site for making rubrics. Having some templates or some that are already created as a resource is a nice time saving option.

  2. This reminds me of the organizers that are Enchantedlearning without having to pay. Thanks for sharing, I want to bookmark it and use it right away!

  3. I agree with Sarah and Patrick! These templates are wonderful! I like the collaboration piece with other teachers which could also carry over with the students as well. I still feel like Inspiration and even Google drawing can offer similar options. I prefer Inspiration to most of the programs, however; it usually means you don't have to have a back-up technology plan if the Internet doesn't work!

  4. I agree with Leslie: all county computers are outfitted with inspiration--which does many of the things that this site does well, simply without an internet connection. The only issue is that with Inspiration, since it lives on the school computers, students can't continue to work on things at home as they would with this site.

  5. This is too fun! I feel like I always use the same organizers time and again and this website would provide a lot of great ideas. I am going to bookmark this site right now and look at it some more in the coming week! Thanks for sharing!